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What’s In My Beach Bag?

Living in Florida, I happen to go to the beach more often than the average person, which is amazing! This also means that the items in my beach bag, I have down to a science. Over the years, I’ve curated the perfect beach bag for myself and I like to think that it’s not too much stuff, but it’s not too little that I feel like I’m missing things once I get there! Here’s the items in my beach bag!


A good book or my Kindle!

This one is a recent addition, since I’ve gotten more into reading in the past year. I love heading to the beach with a good book to read while I’m tanning!


A smaller bag that has my sunscreen, post tanning lotion and chapstick with SPF in it!

It’s so important to wear sunscreen every time you go to the beach and you’re going to be in the sun. A sunburn is not very fun and it’s also not very good for your skin either. I also use the Maui Babe after sun lotion and this is my holy grail, if you are sunburned, this gets rid of the burn in a day or two. It’s my favorite item in my beach bag!


A beach towel (or two)!

For me, it depends on the day whether I bring one or two towels. I have a bigger towel that I like to lay out on and if I know I want to go in the water that day, I’ll bring an extra to dry myself off with and to sit on in the car ride home!


A hat!

I always bring a hat with me to the beach in case I get tired of wearing sunglasses or I just want to cover my face more from the sun! The trucker hats from UTees are amazing for this!


Sunglasses! Sunglasses are a necessity when going to the beach! Whether you’re using them as a prop for your photos or while tanning, they’ll definitely be used no matter what you do!


My cover-up/clothes I’m wearing to the beach!

I love wearing an oversized tee from UTees to the beach! It’s just a super comfy thing to wear for a beach day! Another one of my new favorites to wear to the beach are the UTees essentials shorts! They’re super comfy and are great to slip back on over a swimsuit when you’re heading home!


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