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Summer Schedule!

Summer seems to be everyone’s favorite season. The weather is nicer, most people are out of school and you get to do whatever your heart desires! Here are some of our favorite activities to do in the summer and, of course, some University Tees outfits to go with them!


Pool Day

Going to the pool is one of the best ways to beat the heat in the summer! You can go with friends or even alone with a good book for some company. One of our trucker hats is a great way to keep the sun out of your face while you’re out there enjoying the weather! Even throwing on one of our sorority hoodies for watching the sunset is always a good idea!


Playing Tennis

Playing Tennis is a great way to stay active while hanging out with friends in the summer! You can always wear matching sorority apparel with your friends and get some cute photos for insta! Playing tennis is a great hobby during summertime; you get to hang out with friends, you’re outside in the fresh air, you’re being active, and you may even get a nice tan!



Going Hiking is a super fun way to stay active and see more nature over the summer. Wearing our greek apparel during a hike in a cooler climate will keep you warm while you’re out there in nature!



Going shopping or to the mall is another fun activity to do during the summer. Our matching sets are a super comfy option to wear to your mall this summer and still get to rep your sorority!


Grabbing a Sweet Treat

Getting coffee with your sorority sisters over the summer break is a great way to stay in touch! Grabbing coffee is a fun way to get out of the house and find a cute new place in your town that could become your new spot!


Beach Day

Going to the beach during the summer is one of the most “summer” things you can do! It’s the most popular thing for a reason! The weather is nice, you can swim in the ocean or you can just sit on the beach reading and tanning! Collecting seashells is another fun thing and you can even make art with them once you get home!


Supporting Your Local Farmer's Market

A Farmer's Market during the summer is such a fun way to spend a Saturday or Sunday morning! You can get fresh fruits and veggies for the week and a bouquet of flowers to brighten up your home! Farmers markets are also a great spot to sport your newest tote bag from UTees!


Hot Girl Walk

Going on a hot girl walk can cure just about everything, especially in the summer! A comfy outfit sporting your newest sorority apparel, headphones, and a good podcast are all staples for a good hot girl walk. Summertime hot girl walks are the best hot girl walks!


No matter what your summer plans are this year, UTees has the best summer sorority apparel for you!

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