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Style Guide: The Coquette Aesthetic

Have you heard about the new aesthetic taking over TikTok? The Coquette Aesthetic is the most popular trend to take over social media this year! Everything from bows to cherries to a strict color sequence (pinks and reds of course)! Want to learn more about what makes this aesthetic so trendy or how to style it yourself? Here’s all you need to know about the Coquette Aesthetic:


What Even Is Coquette?

The meaning behind "Coquette" finds its roots in French, signifying a woman who exudes flirtation and playful charm. This term embodies a captivating, confident femininity that grabs the attention of admirers. Before dismissing it as not your style, take a glance at the modern Coquette aesthetic. It has re-emerged in our style and is demonstrated with hair bows, cherry prints, lace detailing, and a pastel color scheme. It's not just about flirtation; it's a celebration of style and self-expression.


How To Style Our Coquette Collection:

Matching Sweat Sets!

One of the best trends to emerge in 2023 was Matching Sweat Sets. With matching sets, you can't go wrong. They're a foolproof solution for those mornings when time is of the essence, yet you want to step out in style. These sets are the ultimate game-changer, ensuring you effortlessly look put together every time. If you’re wondering how to elevate a simple sweat set, pair it with a slick back bun, cozy Ugg boots, and a trendy tote!


Elevate your look effortlessly with the magic of accessories! Meet your style savior: the bow. Having a bad hair day? Add a bow! Feeling like your outfit needs a lift? Add a bow! It's the perfect remedy for an instant style upgrade. Next, add some dainty jewelry. Bow earrings and necklaces add the perfect final touch to any outfit. By accessorizing, you’re taking any outfit from boring to stylish!


Are you ready to jump on the Coquette Aesthetic trend? Our Coquette Collection has a design for everyone! Click below to shop and embrace your coquette core!


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