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Guide To Being The Best Merch Organizer For Your Organization

Congrats on becoming the merch organizer for your organization! At University Tees our Campus Managers™ can help you with every step from creating your free design with our in-house graphic designers to the apparel arriving at your doorstep.

University Tees makes group ordering easy in four steps:

  1. Design

  2. Product

  3. Finalize Order Details

  4. Order Shipped within 7-10 business days!


The first step in this process is to Find Your Campus Manager™, we have over 650 students across 300 college campuses nationwide who want to help you thrive in your role.

Here is how easy it is when you work with University Tees for your apparel needs:

Step 1: Design

Coming up with a design for your order is easy, choose a design from our Design Gallery or work with one in-house team of talented graphic designers to create your design for free with unlimited free revisions.

You can also utilize our Creative Convos™ to chat one-on-one with a graphic designer to ensure we perfectly bring your idea to life.

Already created a design on Canva? We can print your hand-crafted designs easily

  • Once you create your designs, send me the URL to the design

  • You will send it to our artist to get approved by licensing and prepped for printing

  • More details are here:

Design Guides:

Resources for design inspiration:


Step 2: Product

We have endless products to choose from at various price points to fit your organization’s needs.

View all of our products on our Product Gallery.

Exclusive products only available at University Tees, our House Brand:

  • Essentials Collection - Made with French terry fabric, a soft, comfortable fabric that is usually made mostly or entirely of cotton. Our French terry is made out of 100% cotton for ultimate comfort. The lightweight material we chose will make these items versatile in different climates.

    • Available in 5 colors: Vanilla Ice, Caffeine, Arctic Blue, Midnight Sky, and Bubblegum Pink

    • Items:

      • Ribbed High Neck Tank

      • Baby Ribbed Raglan Tee

      • Boyfriend Hoodie

      • Boyfriend Crew

      • Old School Joggers

      • Wide Leg Sweatpants

      • Sweatshorts

  • Charles River Go-To Matching Sets - Incredibly soft fabric and has the perfect oversized fit, your new go-to when you want warm fleece for cooler days.

    • Available in 4 colors: Black, White, Sand, Sage

    • Items:

      • Hoodie

      • Joggers

Exclusive Partnerships: We are the only apparel company that can produce products with

  • Custom Greek Life Is Good® Apparel

  • Custom Greek Little Words Project® Bracelets

  • Custom Greek Sunkissed Coconut Apparel

Our partnerships are always growing so your favorite brands may be collaborating with us soon!

It’s more than just t-shirts, we offer hundreds of accessories and promo products like:

  • Cups

  • Stickers

  • Hats

  • Keychains

  • Buttons

  • Banners

  • And so much more!

Resources for products:


Step 3: Finalize Order Details

University Tees has a unique set of services available to our customers that other companies don’t offer.

Order Minimums

  • Our minimum order quantity requirement is only 12 pieces!

  • Price breaks take place at a QTY of 24, 48, 72 & 96

Total Quantity Pricing (TQP)

  • We offer the ability to put any design on multiple apparel items & colors.

  • The quantity ordered for each will be added together for cheaper pricing!

    • Helps hit the minimum of 12

    • Allows for price inclusivity across products

    • More product flexibility in chapter-wide offerings - putting the same design on a hoodie, crewneck, and t-shirt

    • Free service UTees offers!

Bag & Tag™

  • For easier distribution, we can individually Bag & Tag™ each shirt with every member's name and size

Bird Banks

  • A Bird Bank is our online ordering system, we can collect your group’s order info like sizes, quantities, and payment so you don’t have to.

  • Stress-free ordering without having to worry about collecting sizes and money from members

Philanthropy Donations

  • We can donate up to 10% of the order total to your philanthropy just for buying the merchandise through us or up charging the item to donate a portion per item!

VIP Rewards Program

  • Earn FREE rewards just for ordering with University Tees

    • Discounts

    • Stickers

    • Buttons

    • Hats

    • T-shirts

Turnaround Time

  • The FASTEST turnaround time in the industry with 8-10 days to receive your order


  • FREE bulk shipping!

  • Individual shipping option

    • Do you have a group order but it needs to be shipped to each member? No problem!

    • We can individually ship pieces to each member of your group!

Customer Order Review

  • Custom link with clear design & apparel review

  • Easy order checkout


The best part about working with University Tees is that our Campus Managers™ walk you through each of these steps. They are college students just like you who can text to communicate instead of having to email a sales rep back and forth. We're so excited to see what you create with University Tees!


Do you have a passion for apparel, sales, or marketing? Apply to be one of our Campus Managers™ to help other students bring their merch ideas to life while gaining real-world sales & marketing experience.

  • Join a nationally recognized team of 650+ top students

  • Earn up to 12% on every order that you close

  • 100% remote, create your own schedule and work on your own time


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