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The Easiest Way to Donate to Your Philanthropy

The easiest way to donate to your organizations philanthropy - ordering shirts through UTees! Yes, it really is that simple. All you need to do is place your apparel order with us and we’ll donate a portion of your order to your philanthropy. Amazing apparel for an amazing cause? Say less!


Greek Philanthropy Apparel - How It Works

Here’s the fun part - picking out a design and apparel! We have thousands of philanthropy designs on our design gallery. On our product gallery, you'll find the perfect apparel item to fit your organization’s needs. Combine the two and you have exactly what you're looking for!

Don’t forget that all of our designs are completely customizable. That means if there is a Bid Day design or design element that you love, we can edit it to make it perfect for your philanthropy event. We even offer Creative Convos with our graphic designers, where you can talk directly to the artist so they have your vision perfectly. Seriously, we don’t think it can get any easier!

Here's some recent philanthropy designs our artists have created!


Opening the Order

Now that you have the design and apparel that you love, it’s time to open your order! At University Tees, we offer a few different ordering options. Hunting down members for sizes and keeping track of payment is a thing of the past! The first option is our custom ordering link that collects all of the info for you! This allows everyone to select their sizing and check out individually. The apparel can also be individually shipped to everyone who ordered or bulk shipped so you can pass them out.

The second option is a bulk order placed all at the same time! This would be where you collect sizes, tally them up and tell your Campus Manager how many of each you need! Whatever your ordering needs, University Tees has you covered. Talk to your Campus Manager today to see what order set up would be the perfect fit for your philanthropy order!


Ready to get a philanthropy order started? Click below for a custom quote!


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