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Fall 2024 Recruitment Promos: Bid Day Spotlights & Trend Inspiration Included!

Curious about how our Spring Recruitment Promos made an impact? Dive into our recap to see how chapters across the country leveraged our promos to elevate their recruitment game during Spring 2024. From Bid Day Spotlights to trending Bid Day themes, get ready to feel inspired for the Fall Recruitment season!


Fall Recruitment Promos: 

Before we dive into our top favorites from the Spring, here’s some insight into our VIP Program. There are different tiers to these deals, and once you hit each tier you get free goodies!  You can sign your chapter up here to lock in fall recruitment deals! 

Tier One:  Free buttons or cups for the entire chapter after $2,500 spent with us.

Tier Two:  Free stickers, buttons, cups, OR 1 banner for your entire chapter after $5,000 spent with us - your new members will LOVE THESE!

Tier Three: Free stickers, buttons, cups, OR 1 banner for your entire chapter after $7,500 spent with us, plus 50% off tote bags or hats after hitting $7,500.


Bid Day Spotlights:

Alpha Sigma Alpha at the University of Delaware

Our first Bid Day Spotlight is dedicated to Alpha Sigma Alpha at the University of Delaware. Their bid day theme, "Enjoy ASA," infused the campus with a dynamic energy, featuring lots of red and black hues reminiscent of Coca-Cola. Alpha Sigma Alpha is a part of our VIP Program and utilized it to enhance their bid day experience. The chapter secured their new member Bid Day shirts for FREE and this allowed them to splurge on baby tees for Bid Day! Check out how amazing it all turned out:

Alpha Phi at Syracuse University

The next Bid Day Spotlight today goes to Alpha Phi at Syracuse University. They’re captivating bid day theme, "Friday Night Lights" made them stand out this Bid Day! This Bid Day, their vibrant campus spirit and deep sense of sisterhood truly illuminated the night. As members of University Tees' VIP program, Alpha Phi received something extra to enhance their Bid Day festivities. In addition to their trendy crewnecks, they unlocked free cups for their chapter. It's these extra touches that transform bid day into an unforgettable experience, and Alpha Phi certainly excels in leaving a lasting impression with their attention to detail.


Fall Bid Day Theme Inspo:

Get ready to be inspired for your Fall Bid Day! Our upcoming showcase is shining with trendy themes that will spark your creativity and elevate your recruitment experience. From simple themes to one-of-a-kind themes, we've curated a collection of inspiration that will leave a lasting impression on your chapter's bid day festivities. Stay tuned for a glimpse into the exciting world of fall bid day themes!

My Miss Zeta Chi



Cherry On Top



Let Them Eat Cake



Delta Zeta Lodge



Breaking News: The 411



Learn more about our VIP Program by clicking the link below!


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