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Unique Greek Formals

It's formal season! Want to make sure your sorority and fraternity formal themes don't get overshadowed? UTees has you covered! We've compiled a list of some of our favorite Greek formal ideas that are perfect for your organization this fall. Along with the theme, we are showing you how to commemorate this event with a unique Greek apparel design, which you can't find anywhere else!


Perfect Match Formal

This theme really speaks for itself! We absolutely love the play on words, the red color scheme and the hearts that you can use to decorate your banners, venue and tees with! This bold theme will have your members reminiscing all year long about how much fun they had at their Perfect Match Formal!


Night at the Diner Formal

A unique take on the classic "Decades" formal theme! A Diner Formal is such a fun way to theme your event as a 50's night. We are loving the retro vibe and bright colors that this theme allows you to use. You can serve hamburgers, fries and shakes to really commit to the theme!


Out of this World Formal

Your members can really do SO MUCH with this theme! They can dress in all different color schemes and dress up as little or as much as they want. (We love versatility) From NASA to planet designs, we have you covered from anything you can think of!


Disco Fever Formal

The perfect theme for those who want to spend all night dancing with their dates and best friends! Disco balls are a huge trend right now and we love the idea of incorporating that into a formal theme! The soft blues and silver colors give your members a great idea of what to wear to this formal. There's no doubt that this theme will be a huge hit!


Looking for the classic formal designs? No worries! Check out some unique formal designs we've done recently! It's truly hard to pick a favorite. Trust us, we get it.


Ready to start your sorority or fraternity formal order? Click the button below to get a custom quote started!

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