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Survival Tips for Incoming College Freshman

Heading off to college for the first time is such a fun but scary time in your life. You’re getting to experience so many new things and meet new people, but you are in a new place away from home so that can be a little scary! However, there are so many things you can do to help yourself get used to and comfortable in your new environment!

Here are some tips from our Summer 2023 Interns who are all rising juniors and seniors! So all of these women have been in your shoes and know exactly what you’re feeling and what can possibly help you feel just a little bit better and more comfortable in your new college town!



“I would say try to be open-minded and say yes to everything! It never hurts to try something new! I was super lost my freshmen year and wanted to find a community and UTees was just that! Becoming a CM has been life-changing and I’ve made so many amazing relationships with so many people! I have a sense of belonging on campus!”

- Alli Seiffer, Social Media Marketing Intern


“One of the things that really helped me when I was a freshman was making sure to get outside and go on walks! Just getting used to being on your own and in your own company more! Also don’t forget to call home every once in a while, it’s a big change for your people at home too, they miss you and want to hear all about your new life!”

- Isabela Mocsari, Ecomm Marketing Intern


“My biggest tip for college freshmen is to always be willing to try something new, join a new club, or put yourself out there! I met so many people by going out of my comfort zone and saying hi to people in class, dorm halls, or by joining clubs and orgs! You meet so many people and can make some of your best friends!!”

- Sophie Spinale, Marketing Intern


“Always be willing to make friends wherever you go! you never know if you could meet your new bestie in the elevator, dining hall, or even just bumping into them on your way to class! always be open to new opportunities and be a YES person! also.. wear shower shoes hahahaa!”

- Haley Gordon, BDL Intern


“Living in the world of social media as we do can have battles. Everyone’s college experience will look different and that is okay! Do what makes you happy and soak up the little moments that might pass you by. It can be hard but try to not compare your journey to everyone else’s but take time to learn about yourself and what makes you feel the most alive!”

- Erin Holler, Business 2 Business Intern


“Invest in a big wall calendar and put it somewhere you see all the time! Mines on my door and it's helped me so much in never forgetting a class, assignment, or meeting!”

- Audrey Andrews, Business 2 Business Intern


“Make as many friends as you can at the beginning of the year, everyone is nervous and looking to make friends and you never know who could end up being one of your best friends! don’t be scared to ask people to hang out or grab food in the dining halls!”

- Alexis Johnson, Recruiting Intern


“Go to EVERYTHING!!! I know coming from high school sometimes it is scary to get out of your comfort zone and try new things, but I promise it is worth it. I met some of my closest friends from going to things that got me out of my shell and I am so grateful that I did. Remember so many people are in the same boat as you and want to have the best college experience possible. Also! Get involved on campus. If there is one thing I regret from my college years, it is not being as involved on my campus. No matter what college you go to, there is a lot to be a part of and so much to learn, so make sure you take any opportunity you can to get involved.”

- Abby Fletcher, BDL Intern


“I was an incoming freshman during covid lockdown so my experiences are probably very different than anything now but a good tip would probably be to have a super “roomy” dorm that you feel comfortable in. decorating it with plants, posters, pictures of friends and family, anything that brings you joy!”

- Mary Gunnett, Creative Marketing Intern


“Starting as a freshman can be extremely intimidating, especially going to a school not knowing anyone! You may be eager to meet new friends, find somewhere to belong, and feel like the outsider to this huge campus - you’re not alone in this! Don’t forget that every other freshman is going through the same huge transition as you and feels the same. They are wanting to find a place just like you are, so don’t be afraid to approach someone in the dining hall or knock on your neighbor’s door! They’re probably looking for a friend like you!”

- Alyssa Earl, Event Planning Intern



Your freshman year of college is hard! Don’t worry, I promise, you’re not the only one who feels that way! Each year in college gets better and better and by the time you’re a senior and you really feel you have your place there, it’s time to move on, which is just part of life! Your college years can be some of your favorite memories in your life, so don’t forget to cherish every minute of them! Because before you know it you’ll be sitting here writing a blog post as a rising senior wondering where all the time went and wishing you could go back to your freshman year and relive it all (okay maybe only some of it, not all of it haha)!


Isabela Mocsari, A sappy rising senior at the University of Florida and Marketing Intern for UTees

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