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Recruitment Promotions 2022

You're never going to believe these promos... free stuff, anyone??

Whether you're ordering for sisterhood round, philanthropy round, bid day and more, we've got some awesome promotions to get you the most products at the best price. Meet:

The University Tees Recruitment Rewards System

Let's dive in.

Tier 1: Free banner after $2,500 spent with us

Tier 2: Free buttons (for the entire chapter) after $5,000 spent with us

Tier 3: Free stickers (for the entire chapter) after $7,500 spent with us

You’ve reached the final rewards tier & eligible for 50% off tote bags for your entire chapter!


That's right!! All this free merch could be yours, just by placing your Recruitment orders withUniversity Tees. Simple!


The free banner, buttons, stickers and totes can either match your event's art, or you can choose a pre-made design from our design gallery! Check out some of our fav design inspo below:


2" buttons available in this promo


3x3 stickers available in this promo




We cannot wait to see the amazing photos of how much you love your new merch with these promos! Be sure to follow us on Instagram, Pinterest and TikTok for even more design inspo, and reach out to your Campus Manager today to get started!

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