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The Guide to Fraternity Rush Apparel

Don’t Know Where To Start To Get The Perfect Fraternity Rush Shirts? UTees Has A Step By Step Guide On How To Get The Rush Shirts Everyone Will Be Talking About!

Step 1: Choose UTees - Request A Quote

By going on to our website and requesting a quote, you will get in contact with your campus CM. A CM, or Campus Manager, is a student at your college that is in expert in all things custom apparel! They know the ins and outs of UTees and are there as a guide to help you through the entire process. We know that it shouldn’t be the customers job to handle this unfamiliar process, so a CM is your go to to get you the perfect rush shirt - to make sure that you have a smooth and easy process from the designing to pricing to shipping - start to finish! Click here to get in contact with your Campus Manager™ today.

Step 2: Set Your Budget

Here at University Tees, we always want to be aware of the most important aspects of your order. We never want to feel like you are paying too much for your order or getting an unfair price. Initially telling us your budget allows our CMs to make sure they can give you the product you want at your desired price range! We are always here to please our customers and we know how importance cost can be, that is why we have discounts built in for your benefit!

Step 3: Find The Perfect Design

Here at University Tees, we offer free art proofs with every order and unlimited revisions. This means that if the design isn’t perfect the first time, we will keep changing it until it fits your needs! The design is the one thing that your entire campus will see, so our expert artists are here to get it perfect. Our UTees gallery has hundreds of pre-made designs to choose from, or you can bring us your inspiration and we can make a completely custom design for your fraternity! Here are some of our favorites:

Step 4: Collect Orders

Once your design and apparel item is finalized, it’s time to start collecting sizes and quantities! UTees offers easy-to-use websites for your orders where we collect sizes and payments for you! We call this order site bird banks and the price can be based on order quantity - the more orders there are, the lower the price. This makes it easy to share the link and not having worry about the hassle of collecting money from everyone. The website opens for exactly a week and you can choose to individually ship each shirt to the customer or bulk ship them directly to you to pass out! If this doesn’t seem like its for you, don’t worry! You can give us the sizes you know you need, and we can do all of the work.

Here is an example of what a bird bank looks like:

Step 5: Payment Options

We offer invoices that are due on delivery date or direct payment through credit/debit card, PayPal, Venmo and check! All invoices require a backup credit card payment.

Step 6: Receive The Best Rush Shirts Ever!

Once you fill out an invoice or payment, your order is submitted! This means it will take 11-14 days to create & deliver, and you will be able to rock the best rush shirts yet! We always want to feature you on all of our social media platforms so make sure if you take pictures in your rush shirts you tag @universitytees on all platforms! Who knows, you might see yourself featured on our website. Here are some of our favorite pictures we’ve gotten from customers!

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