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A Sisterhood Chair’s Guide To Success: Top 5 Sisterhood Event Ideas

Sisterhood is one of the most important foundations of any sorority. Developing a strong bond with members and meaningful relationships can strengthen a chapter of any size. If you’re looking for some ideas to sweeten your sisterhood, look no further!

Activity 1: Sisterhood Retreat

A sisterhood retreat can be pricey, but it provides your chapter with undivided attention to the sisterhood! With no influences from school work or personal life, a weekend of disconnecting and bonding can allow sisters to make new memories and form new relationships. Take off for a weekend at a local camp-ground or go glamping at a nearby hotel.

Include activities such as 20 questions, scavenger hunts and team-building activities to encourage sisters to get close and learn more about each other!

Activity 2: Galentine’s Party

Spread the love with your chapter and plan an adorable Galentine’s Party this February. Enjoy snacks, spa treats like manicures, face masks and makeovers, and cozy up to watch a movie! For more of a themed Galentine’s Party, try “pancakes and pajamas” or “pizza and pajamas” to keep your event fun, fashionable and filled with sisterhood.

Activity 3: Sister Skate Night

Lace up those roller skates or ice skates and wheel around for the night with your sisters. Groovy music and laughs with sisters will help make memories and bonds that will last long after this event ends. Add some cute matching tees and capture pictures for the gram too! After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Activity 4: Letters to Sisters

Mix in an envelope with a card addressed for another sister in the chapter in agendas and announcements that may go out at the start of your chapter meeting. During meetings, sisters can write letters to each other with words of encouragement and reminders of what an amazing person they are! The letters can be signed by the sister writing the note or kept anonymous. This inexpensive and quick activity can provide a sister with just the type of pick-me-up they need!

Activity 5: Nature Outing

Is your campus surrounded by nature and small mountains? Grab a group of sisters and enjoy the great outdoors while taking a break from classes and go for a hike. Sunny weather and laughter will do wonders for increasing positivity among the chapter!


Overall, sisterhood is what you put into it. Creating unique activities to get sisters together and bonding can bring a wave of positivity and change that your chapter may need. As the new semester starts, see what sisterhood activities you can include in your calendar and let us know what activities worked for you!


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