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A New Way to Donate to your Philanthropy

Philanthropy events are right around the corner and UTees is here to make your event even more special!

Shirts for a Cause

When you order with UTees, you can donate to your philanthropy! Yes, you heard me right! All you have to do is place a philanthropy order with University Tees and we will make up to a 10% donation to your philanthropy of choice in your chapter’s name. There’s nothing more special than knowing your shirts matter that much more!

Philanthropy Donation orders - Here’s How it Works:

To start, choose the design that you love! You can customize a design already in our Design Gallery, or even create your own from scratch. Your Campus Manager and our art team are here to help you through the entire art process. We can even set up a Creative Convo where you talk directly to the artist so they can see your creative vision and make the design perfect! Check out some of our favorite philanthropy designs from chapters across the country!

Opening the Order

Now that you have the design that you love, it’s time to open the order! At University Tees, we offer a few different options so the ordering process fits your specific needs! No need to stress about collecting sizes or money anymore. The first option is our custom ordering link that collects all of the info for you! The custom ordering link allows everyone to select their sizing and check out individually. The shirts can also be individually shipped to everyone who ordered or bulk shipped so you can pass them out. The second option is a bulk order placed all at the same time! Whatever your ordering needs, University Tees has you covered. Talk to your Campus Manager today to see what order set up would be the perfect fit for your philanthropy order!


Happy Customers

At University Tees, we love doing philanthropy donations! Here are a few customers we have worked with who have done philanthropy donations for their orders:

Waterloo PD

“The Waterloo K-9 isn’t funded by the city. It’s funded by the community. The order was open for two weeks offering 12 different items in three different colors. We had t-shirts, hoodies, crews, and long sleeves. The order was a huge success. 116 people ordered and 215 items were sold. With the turn out of the order, the Waterloo K-9 unit received nearly $1,000. The donation money is used for food, training, and vet bills for the four dogs."

NKU Cheer

Setting up a philanthropy order through University Tees was a very simple process. They took care of all of the logistics after providing them with the information needed for the donation which took care of a lot of stress when dealing with donations and philanthropies. The NKU Cheer Team competes down in Orlando, FL at Walt Disney World every January at the UCA College Nationals. With this competition there are a lot of expenses from competition fees, dining and traveling. This philanthropy helped raise money for our trip to Orlando to help with those expenses!”

We are so excited to see what you create for your Philanthropy donation order! Be sure to tag @universitytees on Instagram with all of your event pictures!

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