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Winter Sales Conference 2023

UTees rang in the new year in the best way possible! We hosted 50 of our top Campus Managers (CMs) in Tempe, Arizona for our Winter Sales Conference! This is the first time this conference has been held in person since 2019. The excitement of returning in person was felt throughout every attendant, both students and UTees employees!


WSC Highlights

Campus Managers from all over the United States traveled to Tempe, AZ to learn various skills, including networking, marketing themselves and products, and how to achieve their goals. To start off the conference, CMs discussed "what is their why" and how that can help them in not only the CM position, but throughout college and post-grad life. Throughout multiple presentations and speakers, conference attendees learned how to step out of their comfort zones and be the best versions of themselves.

One of the most exciting parts of UTees conferences are the sponsors! This year, we had 12 AMAZING sponsors:

  • Gildan

  • Comfort Colors

  • S&S Activewear

  • SanMar

  • PrimeLine

  • Celsius

  • Little Words Project

  • Evry Jewels

  • Dearfoams

  • Sok-It

  • Mega Babe

  • Butterbalm

In addition to our sponsors, we announced a BRAND NEW PARTNERSHIP and NEW PRODUCTS coming very, very soon 👀

A perk of attending this event was being the first to know brand new UTees info!

Make sure to follow UTees on Instagram and Tik Tok @universitytees to find out what this new partnership is as soon as we announce! You will NOT want to miss it!


Attendees learned many helpful sales tactics during their two days. During the Networking/Speed Dating portion, CMs networked with each other by connecting on LinkedIn and discussing similarities they have with one another, despite being on different campus across the country. During the Content Creation/Marketing presentation, students learned how to market themselves and products on social media. A presentation was also shown on how to shift from selling to college students to adults in small businesses, sports organizations, and more. We also taught CMs how to overcome adversity when things go wrong. The skills taught at UTees conferences are ones that will be used throughout our CMs' lives, not just during their time with University Tees!


Don't just take it from us. Here's some thoughts about WSC from some of our attendants!

“Truly such an incredible experience! Getting to meet other CMs from other campuses is so special, we may be strangers at first but UTees is what makes us bond instantly!” - Alli Seiffer, Colorado State University

"Every experience and connection that I gain from University Tees makes me fall deeper in love with my position through this company. I am so thankful for the opportunity of meeting like-minded people across the country that push each other to be the best we can be! Truly nothing like Utees!" - Raegan Maintz, Missouri State University

"WSC was such a life changing conference. The environment and community at University Tees is unlike any other company, and I feel so blessed to be able to work with such amazing people. I’ve learned so many new things about sales, and I feel so ready and prepared to take on 2023!" - Haley Gordon, Texas Tech

"I am so grateful for the invitation to the Winter Sales Conference in Tempe, Arizona! I learned so much about networking, communication, and how to be a better CM! It was also really nice to meet CM’s from other schools and learn from them! I can’t wait to go into 2023 with all this new knowledge! Also…it was so great to meet people in person that I slack constantly for the first time! I’m excited to give all this new information to my CM’s at UVA!" - Katie Cruz, University of Virginia

“Being a slightly newer CM I was a little nervous to go to Winter Sales Conference. The second I got there I met so many new people and finally got to meet all the people I had been working with online. I was able to learn so much and come back to ECU feeling so motivated for what’s to come this semester! Winter Sales Conference was the most amazing experience and I’m so grateful I had this opportunity to go!” - Catie Fromm, Eastern Carolina University

"WSC was such an incredible experience of interacting with many people throughout the company and the US!! I learned such valuable information from current professionals in fields that I’m interested in (like marketing, product development and recruiting) as well as continue to develop my sales skills to different demographics of people!!" - Annie Pendergast, University of Maine

"An AMAZING experience! I have never been more motivated in my life to be the best CM possible, and that is all thanks to the people I met at WSC. I was able to connect with the company on a deeper level and meet all the amazing people that I see in slack everyday. I love being back at school and seeing peoples names pop up on my slack who I got to actually meet/hang out with in person! This conference set me up very well for the rest of the semester and I can't wait for next year!" - Abby Fletcher, University of Oklahoma

"Traveling by myself for the first time to go to a conference for a company that I had never met anyone in person from was definitely nerve wracking at first… but a couple days post-conference I can honestly say it was the best experience I’ve ever had! It was amazing to be able to collaborate with so many passionate, creative, and like-minded people who all have the same goal- bringing people the absolute BEST apparel in the game! It’s also great to know people from other teams who I can now call friends who I would’ve never otherwise met. It was such a great opportunity to strengthen my skills all while having a blast the whole time! If I loved this company before, I’m head over heels now!!" - Alyssa Earl, University of Nebraska at Lincoln

We are SO proud of our Campus Managers who attended this two-day conference. We are so excited for this school year and looking forward to seeing our CMs succeed!


Interested in being a Campus Manager? Click the button below to apply for the best position on campus!


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