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Introducing the UTees Sorority Influencer Collab!

You know them, you love them, you’re inspired by them. We wanted to create a way for influencers to curate a collection special to them while allowing them to get more involved in their Greek community! In each collab, there will be Greek and Non-Greek designs created by UTees artists in collaboration with the influencer. This sorority apparel cannot be found anywhere else besides University Tees! ________________________________________________________________________ MEET OUR THIRD INFLUENCER COLLAB: REESE GRAU! INSTAGRAM: @REESEGRAU_ TIKTOK: @REESEGRAU


Name: Reese Grau

Age: 19

College: University of Alabama

Sorority: Phi Mu

School Year: Sophomore

Reese, what's your favorite piece from your collection with us? "My favorite piece is the western white hoodie. Being from Texas I wanted to be able to showcase where I’m from and this piece does exactly that while also being super cute and my style. This one piece expresses who I am and where I came from."

Our most colorful influencer collab yet! You'll be sure to find the perfect sorority sweatshirt, tee or tote for you and your besties!

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How would you describe your current style? "Girly and preppy. I love everything with color especially pink. I’m definitely a girly girl at heart." Where do you get most of your fashion inspo? "I am a huge fashion addict. I have always been on top of the most current trends and that is where I get most of my inspiration but I tweak it to my personal taste." How would you describe yourself in three words? "Bubbly, determined, and passionate."

How did you become a content creator? "I started off young with cheer videos and modeling. When I started to get older I realized my love for fashion and slowly started to video what I did everyday and fell in love with creating content."

What is your biggest social media accomplishment? "My biggest social media accomplishment is working with brands that I love. It’s always a surreal moment when a company reaches out to me that I consider a staple in my life. That is why it was so exciting to do a collaboration with University Tees. Not only have I supported this brand for a long time but it’s always been a household name and I’m so grateful I have the opportunity to work with them."



What advice would you give to incoming college freshman? "Enjoy your time in college. My biggest advice would be say yes. You never know what memories could come out of an experience that you're hesitant about."

How have you grown throughout your college career? "I have become way more independent and more confident with the way I present myself. College is a time for you to find yourself and what you're interested in. College and my sorority gave me an outlet to push myself and also challenge myself in school by taking on new opportunities."

What is your favorite sorority memory? "My favorite sorority memory was bid day. Since I go to Alabama, rush was huge when I went through the whole process. My best moment was finally running home to my big now and being so relieved and knowing that’s exactly where I belonged. That same feeling came again this year when my little, Landry Terra, ran home to me and I finally had a little sister that I never had thanks to Phi Mu."

How has being in a sorority impacted your life? "Being in a sorority is a big time commitment but it is also super fun and always pushes me out of my comfort zone. The biggest impact Phi Mu has had on me is helping me be around older and younger women that lift me up and help me grow into the person that I want to be in the next 4 years. And I know any challenge I take on I have a strong family supporting me along the way."

We are so excited for the UTees x Reese collection that is live now! Make sure you shop Reese's collection on Shop UTees before November 4!


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