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UTees X Your Favorite Influencers


You know them, you love them, you’re inspired by them. We wanted to create a way for influencers to curate a collection special to them for the greek community. A way to get influencers more involved with their greek community! There will be 6 designs offered in the collabs - 4 greek-specific designs, and 2 non-greek designs that were created by UTees artists in collaboration with the influencer.





Age: 19

College: Texas Christian University

Sorority: Pi Beta Phi

Major: Strategic Communication

Jaidyn’s Inspiration For Her Collection

“Ultimately, it all came down to the photos I have saved on my Pinterest boards! The reason I love my collection so much is because it was all inspired by things I already have saved, meaning I’m already in love with the designs before I even saw the finished products! I love versatility so the idea behind being able to wear the items separately or as a set was something I knew I wanted for this collection.”


Get To Know Jaidyn Q&A

How would you describe your style?

“It seriously changes all the time, but the past nine months or so I’ve really been into neutrals and layering. The way I describe it to others is like some days I’m NYC street style and some days I’m very European/Parisian chic. It honestly just depends on the day.

What’s your go to mental health day activity?

“I love getting all comfortable with an iced chai and some snacks and turning on my comfort movie, which is Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban right now!”

What’s your favorite part about being in a sorority at TCU?

“TCU has a large greek-life environment, so just the amount of people I’ve gotten to meet through it. Since so many girls are in sororities, it’s given me the opportunity to become super close with people that I may not have met otherwise!”

What was your favorite Pi Beta Phi function?

“Pi Phi at TCU puts on a ton of fun sisterhood events for all of us to go to. This past weekend, we all were able to go to a Dallas Stars hockey game, which was seriously so much fun!”

Content Creation Q&A

What type of content is your favorite to create?

“The content I like to create is really similar to the content I like to consume, which I’d say is a mixture of lifestyle, fashion, and travel.”

What’s your biggest social media accomplishment?

“When I started getting opportunities to work with my favorite brands, that’s when I think I started really feeling accomplished. I’ve been creating content for 10 years now, so it’s been more than half of my life”

What’s your favorite youtube video on your channel at the moment?

“I love the videos I made this summer. I went on a ton of trips to visit my best friends and vlogged all of them, so it's super fun to be able to go back and revisit all of those.”


*collection has now closed, stay updated on our next influencer collab on our Instagram @universitytees!*

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