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The Perfect Parents' Holiday Gifts

Christmas is just around the corner and you're stuck on what to get your parents. Say less! UTees has the best gifts for parents that show what they love the most - YOU! University Tees has a wide array of parent and grandparent apparel that will for sure be a hit this holiday season. They are available now at!

Sorority Mom Apparel

The most special lady in your life needs a tee or sweatshirt to show how much your relationship means to you! From trendy to classic designs, University Tees has the perfect sorority mom apparel that will be loved by all the moms out there!


Sorority Dad Apparel

A bond between a dad and his daughter is like no other. Show this relationship off by gifting your dad with sorority dad apparel! For the guy that seems to have everything and wants nothing, this is perfect!


Sorority Grandparents Apparel

What's the one thing all grandparents love to talk about? Their grandkids! Your grandma or grandpa will absolutely love their new tee because it gives them an awesome way to rep their grandkids!


LIFE IS GOOD® Sorority Parent and Grandparent Apparel

Our exclusive Life is Good® Greek designs are a huge hit with parents and grandparents! It combines a brand they love and the organization their kids and grandkids love - what more would they want?!


Shop these designs and even more NOW at!

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