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Spring Recruitment Promos 2023

It's already that time of the year! Get your spring recruitment apparel with UTees to get some AMAZING freebies. The best part?! There's no extra work on your end! Just order your greek apparel with University Tees and get free promo items on us! (Yes, it really is that easy!)

Below we've explained each of the tiers for you. You'll see what you spend and what you will receive, on us, in return! For your first recruitment order with UTees, you will get 10% off (on top of the freebies listed below!)


Tier One: Greek Banner!

When you spend $2,500 with UTees on spring recruitment apparel, & we will provide your chapter with a free bid day banner! All you need to do is hit a minimum of $2,500 on a spring recruitment apparel order with us. These banners make the perfect backdrop for pictures on bid day. What makes it even better is that it's free!

Whether you spend each required amount on one order, or across multiple orders, as long as it adds up to the correct dollar amount for each tier, it counts!


Tier Two: Greek Buttons!

UTees will provide your whole chapter (yes, your whole chapter!) with greek buttons! Spend $5,000 on your spring recruitment merch with us and receive free sorority or fraternity buttons for your members! The perfect gift for new members!

When you spend $5,000 on a spring recruitment order with us, you will get free buttons for your chapter AND a free bid day banner! That's right, these tiers are stackable, allowing you and your chapter to get more and more freebies just by ordering Greek merch with University Tees!

Whether you spend $5,000 on one order, or across multiple orders, it counts either way!


Tier Three: Greek Stickers!

The third and final tier is arguably the best one! When you spend $7,500 on any spring recruitment order(s) with University Tees, we will give you free stickers for your chapter, free buttons for your chapter, and a free banner! (There's lots of free going on here!)

With this, your sorority or fraternity will get stickers and buttons for it's members, the best photo op and the trendiest Greek apparel out there! And we're not done yet! When you hit this tier, you will automatically be eligible for 50% off a tote order for your whole chapter! So really, what are you waiting for?!

Need some inspo? Check out our design gallery! Filled with tons of unique sorority and fraternity designs, you'll be sure to find the perfect greek apparel design! We can customize any of our many designs on the gallery, or design a completely custom one for you!


Ready to start your spring recruitment order with University Tees? Click the button below to start a custom quote!


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