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Sorority Alumna Apparel

Congratulations to all of our Winter 2022 grads! Your time in college and in your sorority is coming to an end but your future is just beginning! UTees has the best sorority alumna sweatshirts and tees to help you remember your time in your organization. These make the perfect gift for a graduating big or bestie. What's even better is they are available to shop right now at!


Alumna Embroidered Sorority Quarter Zip Sweatshirt

This simple embroidered design is a favorite of ours! This sorority quarter zip goes perfect with any outfit - from jeans to leggings to sweatpants, it is the perfect piece to keep in your closet long after graduation


Alumna Tone on Tone Butter Sorority Crewneck

This bright sorority crewneck is perfect for adding a pop of color to those bland winter months. We are loving the tone on tone of this sweatshirt. The design is subtle but still noticeable, making it a great way to still rep your organization that you will always love!


Greek Alumna Mock Neck Crewneck

You know we had to put some alumna designs on our UTees Essentials! This midnight alumna sweatshirt is a classic design we love! Pair this crew with a vest or scarf and you're ready to go!

This design also comes in Vanilla Ice!


Alumna Graduation Tee

This tee truly captures what it feels like to be graduating college and your sorority. The touch of your sorority's colors to the design is something that separates it from the others!


Green Alumna Sorority Crewneck

Another classic design that will never go out of style! This sorority crewneck is perfect to wear year round. This makes a great gift for your big who is graduating!


Greek Alumna Sorority Tee

We love this simple sorority alumna tee! It is the perfect amount of that classic collegiate look with a fun color! How cute would it be to take pictures of your graduating pledge class in these?!


Tone on Tone Chambray Sorority Crewneck

Can you tell we love tone on tone designs? This sorority sweatshirt is the perfect alternative to the bright yellow! What's even better is if one of your sorority's colors is blue!


Shop the whole Sorority Alumna Collection now!

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