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Pros and Cons of Greek Life


Everything You Need to Know About Sorority Life

When deciding to attend an SEC school, I instantly knew I was joining Greek Life. I felt like it was almost a right of passage at such a large school. Almost immediately after starting recruitment, I saw the good, bad, and ugly with all of Greek Life and being in a sorority. Don’t get me wrong, I love my chapter and I love the friendships being a part of the organization has brought me. However, my time in Greek life has shown me all of the pros and cons these large organizations have.

The Cons of Greek Life:

Status is Unavoidable

People will tell you the tier system doesn’t exist, but sadly some people still take it very seriously. Regardless of this fact, it’s always important to remember to just surround yourself with real authentic people who care about who you are for you, and not for what chapter you’re affiliated with. This goes both ways too for the people who don’t want to hang near you because of your chapter affiliation.

Drama Inevitably Follows

Balancing school and your new social life is tough.

The Pros of Greek Life:

Forever Friends

You can meet your best friends, your future bridesmaids, and your people

I know this sounds so cliche and so cheesy, however, I have to admit that I had never had a group as I did before joining Greek Life. I found that the recruitment process left me at the house where my values lined up so well, I was bound to find the people that have become my rock.

The Best Version of You

Endless Leadership Opportunities

Looking at the pros and the cons, Greek Life can get dramatic at times however I wouldn’t trade it for the world. The challenges have made me stronger and the friendships and the opportunities that have flourished from this culture have shaped me to be the person I am today.

- Lexi Ginsburg, University Tees Marketing Affiliate

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