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New Member Bundles

Once Recruitment is over and you welcomed the newest pledge class home, they are likely going to ask you one question first... "Where can I get cute sorority merch?!" Obviously, there is only one answer - University Tees! We've compiled a list of new member bundles that you can offer your newest members to help them build their sorority closet!

Neutral/Minimalist Sorority Apparel

A perfect theme for a new pledge class! Neutrals go with everything, and these designs can be worn year round by your new members. This is a trend that is here to stay and we are LOVING it!


Neon Sorority Apparel

Have your new members stand out on campus repping their new home with neon sorority merch! These bright colors will be the talk of campus.


Collegiate Sorority Apparel

A classic collegiate sorority design will never go out of style. These can be perfect for new members to wear all throughout their collegiate years, and maybe even pass them down in the future!

Fun tip: Change the ink designs to your school's colors to show even more school spirit!


Retro Sorority Apparel

Perhaps one of the most popular and loved trends right now are smiley faces and "retro" looking designs! Retro sorority apparel is such a fun way to welcome your new members home. Spread some positivity with our retro sorority designs!


Want to order some apparel for your new members? Click the link below for a quote request!

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