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Landmark Designs - The Trend That Doesn't Stop

Giving Back To Your Community Never Looked So Good. Our best selling design to date gives back!

Us at University Tees created these landmark designs during the pandemic to give college and city residents apparel from their favorite places. An attempt to make people less homesick transformed in to a wave of beautiful apparel - but with a purpose! Our landmark and city designs have not only become our customers favorite apparel design but they have also given back to our communities that have been hit the hardest during COVID-19. Whether it’s for a high school, college or just your local town, these landmark orders donated up to 10% of each item to local businesses and COVID-19 relief funds.

Success Stories

“Shay has raised about $11,000 for the local food bank and the restaurants on her landmark order! She created the shirt in the spring of 2020 and it took off more than she ever imagined!”

- Shay Decker, Campus Manager at the University of Delaware

“To date, Marlee has donated over $12,000 to the following organizations: The Giving Kitchen, Hamilton Food Cupboard, COVID-19 Relief and Recovery Fund, St. Luke’s COVID-19 Relief and Recovery Fund, the Equal Justice Initiative and more!”

Marlee Senderowitz, Campus Manager at Georgia Institute of Technology


Our artists create beautiful collages of everything from local store fronts to logos and we are able to print them on to some of our favorite items. These landmark items are perfect for current students, graduates or parents and they look incredible! We created a guide for everything you need to know about how to make your own landmark shirt and choose the charities or communities that need the donations.


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