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Fraternity Rush

Fall Rush is right around the corner so it's time to start thinking about shirts! We have the coolest design ideas and new promos that are sure to make this the best Rush yet.


Rush Shirt Inspiration:

Space Themed Shirts

These are a must have rush design. There are so many different ways to design them whether you're looking for an astronaut look or even a UFO vibe. Need we say more?


Patriotic Themed

This is such classic Rush shirt design inspo because who doesn't love a patriotic themed shirt? Add a golden retriever or the flag to your design for the ultimate shirt that is sure to become very brother's new favorite.


Skeleton Designs

Skeleton designs are a go to Rush shirt design. There are so many unique ways to incorporate them into your design, too. We're obsessed with the way these shirts turned out. Check out even more skeleton design inspiration below.


Retro Shirts

Vintage style shirts will forever be a staple for Rush. These designs are extremely versatile and 100% customizable. Here are some of our favorite ones:


Mascot Inspo

Who said mascot designs exclusively have golden retrievers on them? The teddy bears everyone knows and loves are another great alternative along with these other super unique alternatives as well.

Check out our Design Gallery for even more inspo:


Fraternity Rush Promos

Now that you have the perfect Rush shirt design all picked out, it's time to talk discounts. Get 10% off any Rush-based order on top of tons of freebies. After spending $2,500 to get you to Tier 1, you are eligible for a free banner. At Tier 2, you get free buttons for the entire chapter after spending $5,000 with us. And finally to round out all our your Rush necessities, get free stickers for the entire chapter after spending $7,500 with us to to reach Tier 3. The perfect Rush promos do exist.

We can't wait to see what your Fraternity designs for Fall Rush! Be sure to tag @universitytees in all of your pictures for the chance to be featured on our socials.


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