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All About Sigma Kappa

Sigma Kappa, also known as SK or Sig Kap is a member of the National Panhellenic Conference (NPC). SK fosters lifelong connection in sisterhood while being true to our founding as an intellectual and social women’s sorority. Through mutual support and respect, we inspire all members to lead a life of purpose.

Sigma Kappa values personal growth, friendship, service and loyalty. These four values make up what it truly means to be a Sigma Kappa!


Sigma Kappa History

At a time when women were first starting to even be allowed to enroll in college with men, SK's founders were some of the first female students at Colby College in 1873. Being the only females on campus, they created a close bond as they had to endure the hardships that came with a maled-dominated school and society. Throughout constant insults and exclusion, the women were courageous enough to want to start their own literary and social society.

The school required them to present their governing board with a peition, bylaws and consitution for their organization. The founders spent the year working to set the groundwork for Sigma Kappa Sorority. On November 9th, 1874, the five women received a letter stating that their request for their organization had been approved and Sigma Kappa continues to thrive today!

Sigma Kappa celebrates it's Founder's Day on November 9th!


What is Sigma Kappa's Philanthropy?

Sigma Kappa's national philanthropy is the Alzheimer's Association. In 2014, the Sigma Kappa Foundation pledged a $1 million commitment to the Women's Alzheimer's Research Initiative. SK's have philanthropy events on their campuses to raise money for Alzheimer's research, early detection and support, while also informing their peers about the disease. In addition to the Alzheimer's Association, Sigma Kappa has multiple philanthropies that it supports. Some of the national philanthropies SK supports includes:

  • Sigma Kappa Foundation - works towards creating and funding leadership scholarship and philanthropic efforts that mirror the values and spirit of Sigma Kappa. This foundation plays a crucial role in the continuation of the organization, allowing it to continue on for more women to be part of and benefit from!

  • Gerontology - provides service and companionship to senior citizens in their local communities

  • Inherit the Earth - a national service initiative that gives collegians, alumnae and others the opportunity to work together to improve the environment.

  • Maine Seacoast Mission - this philanthropy was chosen as Sigma Kappa's first national philanthropy at the 1918 convention, in honor of Sigma Kappa being founded in Maine. Through annual contributions, the Sigma Kappa Foundation provides funding to the mission for their most urgent needs.


Sigma Kappa Chapters

Sigma Kappa has about 119 collegiate chapters in 36 states. SK also has 98 alumnae chapters in 40 states. These chapters attribute to the 185,000 initiated Sigma Kappa members across the globe!


Sigma Kappa Symbols, Colors and Motto

Symbols: Dove and Heart

Colors: Lavender and Maroon

Flower: Wild Purple Violet

Motto: One Heart, One Way


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