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All About Phi Sigma Sigma

Phi Sigma Sigma, also known as Phi Sig is a member of the National Panhellenic Conference (NPC). Phi Sig works to personally develop each and every member of it's organization and advance them as women in the world today. They do this through their sisterhood of unique and powerful women, who work to ignite positive changes in the world while embracing what makes them stand out from others.


Phi Sigma Sigma History

Phi Sigma Sigma was founded at Hunter College in New York City in 1913. The founders approached the Dean of Women at their university and explained their vision for their organization. They wanted to create a group that was open to all women, regardless of their background and upbringing. Their main focuses were academics, high social standards and diversity. In November of 1913, Phi Sigma Sigma was founded! It became the first nonsectarian sorority, meaning that women of all backgrounds, religious beliefs and cultures were welcomed into their organization during a time where this broke the status quo.

Phi Sigma Sigma celebrates it's Founder's Day on November 26!


What is Phi Sigma Sigma's Philanthropy?

The main focus of Phi Sigma Sigma’s philanthropic efforts is to empower women to aim higher. This is done through forming relationships, providing financial resources, achieving excellence, and changing the world for the better. The Phi Sigma Sigma Foundation helps to achieve this vision and mission. On November 15, 1969, the Phi Sigma Sigma Foundation was formally incorporated.

To support the foundation, chapters will host a Sapphire Ball. The money raised helps to support sisters’ academic success as well as children attending school in the surrounding communities. Other philanthropy events many chapters host during the school year include: backpack drives, school supply drives, volunteering in local schools as guest readers. Many sisters will even volunteer as extra staff to help out on days with a lot of extra activities happening where teachers may need help, such as days where there are holiday parties or other school celebrations.

The Circle of Sisterhood School Build is one of Phi Sigma Sigma’s foundation partners. In 2019, the sorority fundraised to build two schools in Guatemala. The project reinforces Phi Sigma Sigma’s philanthropic focus on school and college readiness. Current chapter women as well as alumnae had the opportunity to volunteer to build these schools.

Another foundation partner is the Kids in Need Foundation. This foundation helps to ensure every child is prepared to learn and succeed. Free school supplies are donated to students who are most in need. KINF has created numerous programs to support children in their academic success as well. They include: the creation of a national network of resource centers, a program that brings supplies to kids who don;t live near resource centers, and a program that helps kids recover from fear, anxiety, and the sense of loss after natural disasters. Members of Phi Sigma Sigma can volunteer to help with these programs and efforts.


Phi Sigma Sigma Chapters

Phi Sigma Sigma currently has about 115 active collegiate chapters across the United States. There are also over 100 alumnae Phi Sig chapters. These combined groups make up the over 60,000 initiated Phi Sigma Sigma members throughout the organization's history!


Phi Sigma Sigma Symbols, Colors and Motto

Symbols: Sphinx

Colors: King Blue and Gold

Flower: American Beauty Rose

Motto: Aim High.


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