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All About Delta Zeta

Delta Zeta, also known as DZ is a member of the National Panhellenic Conference (NPC). DZ was founded to create a group of women that create lasting friendships, encourage each other in the pursuit of knowledge, promote values-based living and be socially responsible.


Delta Zeta History

Delta Zeta was founded in 1902 at the University of Miami in Oxford, Ohio. 1902 was the first year women were allowed to enroll as students at the university, and by the end of that school year, DZ's 6 founders had created an organization that would thrive for years to come! As the members faced many challenges on this male-dominated campus, they bonded with one another and created their organization which valued the ideals that they all cherished!

Delta Zeta celebrates it's Founders Day on October 24th!


What is Delta Zeta's Philanthropy?

Delta Zeta is the only global women’s organization that focuses on hearing and speech through its philanthropic efforts. Hearing and speech has been the organization's philanthropy focus since 1954. The organization uses their philanthropy to protect hearing, raise awareness of deaf culture and American Sign Language, and provide the opportunity of speech therapy and hearing aids to people in need of those resources. Delta Zeta supports this cause through partnering with many different organizations across the globe.

Starkey Hearing Foundation was named Delta Zeta’s National Philanthropic Partner in 2015. The Starkey Hearing Institute trains healthcare professionals to be Hearing Instrument Specialists, which allows them to fit hearing aids anywhere in the world. In 2015, Delta Zeta also pledged to raise $5 million for speech and hearing to donate to the Starkey Hearing Foundation and in 2020 they successfully completed the pledge. Since the sorority’s partnership with Starkey, they have raised over $5.5 million for the foundation.

In 2020, Delta Zeta partnered with the American Society for Deaf Children. Since more than 90% of deaf children are born to hearing parents, ASDC has made it their mission to help parents learn American Sign Language so families can communicate with their deaf child. This partnership has given Delta Zeta members the opportunity to learn about American Sign Language, further understand deaf culture, spread awareness, and become informed and effective allies of the deaf community.

Delta Zeta’s Global Service Project is the SeriousFun Children’s Network. SeriousFun is a support center that provides resources, funding, training, and assistance to their global family of camps and programs. The Painted Turtle is a camp SeriousFun organizes and runs in Lake Hughes, CA which is a place for children with serious medical conditions. Kids attending the camp have the opportunity to experience camping that they otherwise would not have due to their illness and it is completely free of charge. Members of Delta Zeta have the opportunity to volunteer at SeriousFun camps where they get to help the children they serve and enrich their own lives as well.

The organization also promotes awareness for speech and hearing on Heart for Hearing and Speech Day on the first Tuesday in May. This also marks the start of Better Hearing and Speech Month which is a national effort to raise awareness about communications disorders. Each member of Delta Zeta shares their personal commitment to the cause during this time.

Delta Zeta has formed a Global Ambassador Society whose purpose is to engage individuals who have supported their national philanthropy and service partners, Starkey Hearing Foundation, American Society for Deaf Children, and the SeriousFun Children’s Network. Global Ambassadors engage with others and talk about different ways they can support our national partner.


Delta Zeta Chapters

Today, there are 167 active collegiate chapters of DZ in the United States and Canada, with over 285,000 initiated members.There are over 170 alumnae DZ chapters stretching across 49 states, Canada and the United Kingdom Each year, about 7,000 women are initiated into Delta Zeta!


Delta Zeta Symbols, Colors and Motto

Symbols: Turtle

Colors: Rose and Green

Flower: Pink Killarney Rose

Motto: Live Truly


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