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Fall 2022 Design Guide

Our Fall Design guide is here! 

Check out the top 8 trends we know will be a hit this season.


Retro Art & Characters

You love their little faces! Taking a page from rubber hose style cartoons popular in the 1920's and 1930's. UTees is putting a new-age spin on the classic designs by adding them to sorority PR sweatshirts!

We are seeing this trend pop up more and more in all greek events and greek apparel. What can we put a face on next?

Retro Art & Characters.png
Posters & Cards.png


Posters & Cards

Old is the new cool! We are seeing an increase in duotone textures, checkerboards patterns, stamps, distressing and print inspired elements.

This design style works really well for a stand-out 1-color design, but you can also add some color to really make the art pop on your sorority tee!


Color Blocking

Inspired by Henri Matisse style paintings and relief cut prints, use an over-print style to blend color and shapes for an interesting composition! This design trend will really help your sorority sweatshirts stand out from the rest!

Color Blocking.png
80s Editorial Typography.png


80's Editorial
& Typography

The editorial layout and ad style typography of the late 80s is back!  Celebrate the print advertising era with a bold, mismatched, text-first design. This style is PERFECT for elevating your greek PR apparel.


Digital Age

It's only fitting that digital styles are also trending! Much like 80's editorial, these designs are a nod to early technology and a retro spin on the digital space we are familiar with, giving us great sorority apparel inspiration. Play around with pixilated fonts, grid textures, pop-up windows and old-school tech.

Digital Age.png
Street Wear-2.png


Street Wear

We've seen this trend for a while and it's not going anywhere anytime soon! This style is meant to be loud and anything from clean-line skateboard logos to a sketchy hand drawn graffiti style.


These greek designs really come to life on the apparel! We recommend multiple locations (sleeve, hood, even on the knee!) and on an oversized sweat-set.


Vintage Collegiate

A game day and homecoming essential, but still a hit for general PR and college apparel. Oversized, distressed print - exactly like those hidden thrift store finds, but now for sorority apparel!

Vintage Collegiate.png
Linear Illustration.png


Linear Illustration

Elevate your chapter house design with a single line illustration, or get a drawing of your favorite animals, or flowers! Illustration is a timeless look for any occasion. This sorority style is definitely here to stay.

Feeling Inspired?

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